Attic apartment, penthouse, loft, converted artist‚Äôs studio…. A top-floor home with great views can really come in many guises. The way we work gives you, the customer, a great deal of influence in the design process.V.U.P. is short for A Development In Progress. It refers to an unfinished attic that a building‚Äôs tenants association is selling or to a property with a flat roof, where an extra floor is being added.


We start with a floor plan and a visit to the attic. The first time we meet we will help you visualise the architect’s designs in the completely empty space. You then take home the proposal to peruse. Maybe you would like a larger bedroom, or maybe an extra one; or a dressing room, a music studio or sauna. At this stage, everything is possible, so you take the opportunity to adapt the floor plan as you see fit. Consider which layout best suits your lifestyle, as well as which interior design and what materials best reflect your personality.


First come, first served. Once you have made your decision, we draw up a real estate contract. It specifies the date of possession and how payment will be made. The contract also states the penalties if the final inspection has not been completed or the apartment is not ready on the date of possession. It also stipulates how the purchase price will be adjusted if the habitable area of the apartment ends up larger or smaller than promised. A property specification is appended to the contract that presents a detailed account of what is included in the price of the finished home.


You will be supplied with a construction time plan for your apartment so you can keep track of how the work on your apartment is progressing.As soon as the contract is signed, we arrange to meet the building contractor and the site manager.Throughout the process, they will meet with you regularly and supply a list of dates by which each decision must be made, such as the room divisions, electricity, sewage pipes, tiling, counter tops in the kitchen.Should you want alter your original specifications, this can be taken care of at these meetings. When the apartment is finished and the final inspection has taken place it is time to move in. At this point, we meet with the building contractor in our office for the final payment. Then you take possession of the keys and any applicable written instructions and warranties.