Allmänna Bestämmelser för Totalentreprenader” i.e. general regulations for turnkey projects (relating to building, construction and installations)”. The numbers 06 and 09 simply refer to the year in which the regulations (ABT) were revised. A contract generally refers to ABT06 or ABT09 to avoid having to settle all the details of each agreement.

Altan – Inverted dormer terrace

Altan РInverted dormer terrace. Usually an open, non-covered outdoor space supported by pillars, outside wall or similar. In attic apartments these are called ‘inverted dormers’ – i.e. a section of the roof is cut out to create a terrace. To get even more enjoyment from your outdoor living space it is also possible to install a water tap on the balcony to make it easier to take care of your plants.

Armatur – Fixture

Armatur – Fixture. Mainly used in various architectural contexts, meaning something securely and usually permanently attached or appended : eg a light fixture. Taps ( faucets US) in the kitchen and bathroom are other common examples.

Axonometri – Axonometric projection

Axonometri – Axonometric projection. A geometric drawing of an object, such as an attic apartment, in three dimensions showing the vertical and horizontal lines projected to scale but not as a perspective view. This illustration method can be used to illustrate the design and interior solutions in your new dream loft home.


Bathroom en suite

The bathroom is directly connected to the bedroom.

Boarea – Living area

Boarea – Living area. According to Swedish regulations the Living Area is the area that is usable for living. This is calculated when determining thw square meterage of a property. The living area of a finished attic space, where the ceiling i sloping, is calculated by measuring the ara where the ceiling height isat leat 1,9m and the floor width is at leat 0,6m.

Bocal – Living/Work space

Live/work describes properties whose space is designed to accommodate both your professional and your personal lives. Primarily aimed at small business owners.

Burspråk – Bay window

Burspråk – Bay window. A window projecting from the wall of a building and forming a room alcove. Common in Stockholm buildings from the 1800s but not so common in attic apartments. Improves interior illumination by letting in natural light.

Byggherre – Developer

Byggherre – Developer. A person who carries out a construction project using his own workforce or negotiates with third parties for his own account. The developer is responsible for adhering to the relevant legislation and acquiring necessary building permits.

Byggledare – Construction manager

Byggledare – Construction manager. The administrator of the building project for the developer. The project manager oversees all aspects of the development. Key responsibilities include coordination, cost management, procurement and monitoring. The developer can also act as the construction manager.

Byggmästare – Builder

Byggmästare – Builder. The builder is the main contractor and is often based locally.


Dressing room

Large closet, also called “walk in closet”. Got a real breakthrough in the TV-series “Sex and the City” where Carrie used to fantasize about a large dressing room with custom built storage for her beloved shoes from Manolo, Jimmy Choo and Louboutin.


Etagevåning – Duplex apartment

Etagevåning – Duplex apartment. An apartment on two floors connected by an inner staircase. In Stockholm, is not unusual that a duplex apartment is a “standard apartment” on the top floor of an apartment building combined with an overhead attic conversion. This is often done when the attic of the building is not big enough to merit an independent attic flat conversion.


Fastighetsavgift – Property tax

Fastighetsavgift – Property tax. Each ‚Äúowner apartment‚/condominium is a private property with a specific property designation and is taxed much like small houses. Newly built ‚Äúowner apartments‚ with an assessment year from 2012 or later are exempt from property tax for 15 years.

Fransk balkong – Balconette

Fransk balkong РBalconette. An architectural term to describe a false balcony which doesn’t protrude from the building. Outside the floor length window opening there is a waist high railing. They are common in France, Spain, and Italy.

Franskt fönster – French window

Franskt fönster – French window. A pair of windows extending to the floor and opening in the middle without a center post.

Frontespis – Gable

Frontespis – Gable. A gable is the triangular portion of a wall between the edges of intersecting roof pitches where the facade continues above the roof line. In the attic apartments the front gable can allow for big a dormer window as well as ceiling windows. This enables in a lot of natural light the enter the room.


Gnistskydd – Fireplace slab

Gnistskydd – Fireplace slab. Generally the floor around a fireplace or stove needs a fireproof material to prevent sparks damaging the floor. This slab can be a beautiful addition to the fireplace and be limestone, slate or granite for example.

Golvyta – Floor area / Footprint

Golvyta РFloor area / Footprint. The total floor area of ​​the apartment, regardless of the ceiling height is usually called floor area, or sometimes -footprint. Make sure that this is not the only information included in an Estate Agent’s description about an attic apartment’s square meterage, as it can be misleading. Please also refer to Living Area.


Hanbjälke – Collar beam

Hanbjälke – Collar beam. A collar beam, or collar tie, is a tension tie in the upper third of opposing gable rafters that is intended to resist rafter separation from the ridge beam during periods of unbalanced loads, such as that caused by wind uplift, or accumulation of snow or ice. When doing an attic apartment conversion these beams can become a visible element in the apartment‚Äôs aesthetics but you can also hide them with clever engineering, so that they don‚Äôt encroach on the dwelling space and the general design.

Hjärtvägg – Main partition wall

Hjärtvägg – Main partition wall. Internal supporting wall extending in the longitudinal direction of the housing.

Hålkäl – Cavetto

Hålkäl – Cavetto. A hollowed moulding, whose profile is half or one-quarter of a circle. It is principally used in cornices. Provides a beautifully rounded transition from wall to ceiling.


Integrerad köksutrutsning – Built-in appliances

Integrerad köksutrutsning – Built-in appliances. Designed to bring uniformity to your fitted kitchen, built-in (integrated) dishwashers, fridges etc. offer a sleek and unobtrusive look. The appliance is wholly or partially housed into a cavity, behind a matching kitchen door. As attic apartments often have open plan living areas that include the kitchen, built-in appliances can be useful in making the entire kitchen blend in with the rest of the living space.

Intresseregister – Prospective buyer register

Intresseregister – Prospective buyer register. Do you want to ensure you receive information about our unique range of attic apartments, penthouses and lofts?

Make sure you register and give details of what you would like. We will keep you informed of any incoming objects that may be of interest. The majority of the objects we convey never enter the open market and go directly to the customers in the register.

If you are interested in buying one of our properties, please contact us. We’d love to help you find your new home! Email to info@sivkraft.se or call the office at 08-660 44 60, from overseas +46-8-660 44 60.


Kattvind – Eaves

Kattvind – Eaves. Usually the overhanging lower edge of a roof but also used to describe the narrow space along the sloping wall of an attic conversion. Often used for storage.


the worldwide standard for all applications in home and building automation, from lighting and blinds to various security systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring, alarming, water control, energy management, smart metering as well as household appliances , audio / video, and more.

Kommod – Washstand

Kommod – Washstand. A bathroom cabinet with an integrated sink. Can be hung on the wall. The washstand has become the modern bathroom cabinet.

Kungsbalkong – Royal balcony

Kungsbalkong – Royal balcony. Balcony attached to a kungsvåning- ROYAL FLOOR. See next entry.

Kungsvåning – Royal floor

Kungsvåning – Royal floor. Buildings with so-called royal floor were built in Stockholm mainly in the 1920s. In order to circumvent the maximum height specified in the existing urban plan you could ‚Äúgo to the King‚, i.e. apply to His Royal Majesty who could permit an additional floor to be built. Sometimes there is a longitudinal terrace/balcony in front and sometimes it is separated from the rest of the fa√ßade by a narrow pitch roof. Attics were built above royal floors under a pitched roof.


Lagfart – Stamp duty

Lagfart – Stamp duty. As a purchaser of an ‚Äúowner apartment‚ /condominium, you are liable to pay stamp duty at completion. Title deed cost is today 1.5% of the purchase price for private person and 4.25% for legal entities (corporations etc.)

LED/Lysdioder – Light-emitting diodes

LED/Lysdioder – Light-emitting diodes. LEDs produce light that is the result of a phenomenon known as electroluminescence. A light-emitting diode (LED) is a light source that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it. More recently, LEDs have come to replace both fluorescent light and incandescent light bulbs as they have lower power requirements. LEDs can also be useful in portable devices in cars, caravans and boats.



NCS: Natural Colour System, is a logical colour notation system which builds on how humans see colour. The colour system is the established system in Sweden for referring to paint colour. Today the usages range from colour management in product development and ensuring accurate paint production to colour design in architecture and interiors.

Norrpil – North arrow

Norrpil – North arrow. The north arrow is a symbol used for defining directions on a site plan. Indicates the cardinal points with an arrow pointing to the north.


Pantbrev – Mortage deed

Pantbrev – Mortage deed. A mortgage deed is a document that is used as a security for loans, such as mortgages. A mortgage deed costs 2% of the amount you want to borrow. It follows the property so when you sell, the buyer takes it over.


Unlike an attic, a penthouse is not located under a sloping roof. It is an apartment with straight walls and has therefore a completely different character. Penthouses are built on a flat foundation on the top of a building. A penthouse often has large windows and may be on two levels, see DUPLEX.

Planritning – Floor plan

Planritning РFloor plan. A top-view diagram of an apartment (or floor of a building) usually drawn to scale, describing it’s layout and features. A detailed floor plan is invaluable for attic apartment buyers who may need help visualising how the space will look and where to place the favourite sofa. Can be shown with or without furniture.

Platsbyggd inredning – Custom built

Platsbyggd inredning – Custom built. Refers to bespoke storage or kitchen that is designed and manufactured to fit a particular apartment. Often used in attics apartments when there are so many nooks and crannies to take into account.

Puts – Rendering

Puts – Rendering. A bonding material used in masonry, surfacing, and plastering, especially a mixture of cement or lime, sand, and water that hardens in place. Traditionally, render is a thin layer of mortar for coating external walls. It has been used as a facade material since antiquity. Still used today, both internally and externally to protect the underlying walls and to provide a beautiful finish. In an attic it is often featured on a chimney breast.

Puts/Gips – Plaster

Puts/Gips – Plaster. Plaster is the finish used for coating walls and ceilings. The coating on inside walls is called plaster and on external walls render. Both are mortar which is a powder/water mixed paste. It can be molded or sanded when dry.


Råvind – Unfinished attic space

Råvind – Unfinished attic space. An unfinished and uninsulated space at the top of a building, generally under a sloping roof. In apartment buildings in Stockholm the attics are usually used for storage and sometimes to house elevator machinery. There is a strong interest in converting unfinished attics as demand for living spaces is high and prices are rising. When a building association sells an unfinished attic the association‚Äôs economy often improves in three ways. Firstly the association gets a monetary contribution through the sale of the attic, secondly by increasing the monthly fee base when more residents move in and a third benefit in that the heating costs are reduced after the attic apartment(s) are built since the building becomes better insulated.


Sidofönster – Side window

Sidofönster – Side window. Usually a narrow window next to an entrance door.

Skala – Scale drawings

Skala – Scale drawings. Drawing to scale illustrates correct size relationships between objects and figures. Have a scale ruler with you when you view an apartment as it will be easier to figure out the real dimensions of the floor plan, assuming the drawings are to scale- which architectural drawings usually are. Using a scale ruler to measure on plans is easy because the conversions are already made. See SCALE RULER.

Skalmått – Scale bar

Skalmått – Scale bar. A scale bar also called a linear scale or graphic scale is a means of visually showing the scale of an architectural drawing. Drawings illustrate the buildings and building components in reduced scale. The scale of a drawing appears in the title block or adjacent to the actual detail or section. Note that if you scale a drawing up or down the drawing will no longer be to scale because the drawing size changed. Scale 1:100 means that one centimetre in the drawing is equal to 100 cm, i.e.,1 m, in reality.

Skalstock – Scale ruler

Skalstock – Scale ruler. A scale ruler, also known as an architect’s scale is a specialized ruler designed to facilitate the drafting and measuring of architectural drawings, such as floor plans. It has a triangular shape and can thereby incorporate six different scales. The distribution of the scales may vary between rulers, but a ruler that uses the metric system usually includes scales of 1:100, 1:200, 1:400 and 1:500, which are the most commonly used.

Smyg – Embrasure

Smyg – Embrasure. An opening forming a door or window, having splayed sides that increase the width of the opening in the interior.

Split level

Describes an architectural arrangement in a house or apartment where a floor or a room is located halfway between two floors.


Spröjsverk describes the division of glazed areas of windows and doors into smaller panes by using vertical mullion and horizontal transom glazing bars. This used to be necessary when large areas of glass could not be produced but nowadays it is purely decorative. The glazing bars are usually wood or aluminium.

Stuckatur – Architectural plaster molding

Stuckatur – Architectural plaster molding. Molding is collective name for various decorative surfaces and details in architecture. A particularly common use of plaster moldings is for ceiling cornices and rosettes.

Stänksskydd – Splashback

Stänksskydd – Splashback. An area of kitchen wall that is protected from water damage. A splashback can be designed as a work of art, and easily become the kitchen’s most eye-catching feature. A splashback can be in glass, tiles, mosaics, stone or stainless steel. The possibilities are endless.

Stödben – Outrigger beams

Stödben – Outrigger beams. Beams in the attic that hold up the walls and ceiling. They can either be built into the wood frame construction or they can serve as a visible element in the design.


Takfönster – Skylight

Takfönster – Skylight. A window opening in a roof or ceiling, for admitting light. A skylight in newly built attic apartment usually faces the back of the building courtyard and can be equipped with sunshades and blinds. They can be opened manually or electrically.

Takkupa – Dormer Window

Takkupa – Dormer Window. A gabled extension built out from a sloping roof to accommodate a vertical window.

Taknock – Gable height

Taknock – Gable height. The height of the roof where the rafter tops meet. Generally the highest point of a roof. When discussing the height of the ceiling in an attic, it is often the gable height that you are interested in.

Takterass – Roof terrace

Takterass – Roof terrace. An outside space on a flat part of the roof surrounded by railings.


Vangstycke/Trappvang – Stringer

Vangstycke/Trappvang – Stringer. The structural member that supports the treads and risers in staircases. The stringers can be straight or curved depending on the design and construction of the staircase. Many staircases, however, like spiral staircases, have a self-supporting construction and are therefore without stringers.


‘Vind Under Produktion’ means an object being developed. Siv Kraft’s speciality is selling unfinished attics and lofts in the first stages of construction management. This places special demands on the handling of viewings and the writing of contracts. Sound advice on all aspects of construction is offered. The company brokered it’s first VUP in 1997.


Ägarlägenhet – Owner apartment / Condominium (US)

Ägarlägenhet – Owner apartment / Condominium (US). An owner apartment is a form of housing or other real property where a specified part of the real estate is individually owned. A real estate property can comprise different forms of housing (owner apartments/co-ops) but there are especially beneficial conditions with owner apartments. You actually own your space- (which is not the case with a co-op where you only have the right to use your space). You are free to renovate it or rent it out as you wish. You do not pay interest on any loans which the building association may have taken out. You only pay your living expenses and interest you incur on any personal loan/mortgage. and of course the tax- stamp duty of 1,5% for a private person.

Änglatrappa – Angel stairs

Änglatrappa – Angel stairs. A stepped chimney breast, usually whitewashed or plastered.