For a building association, sound finances can begin in the attic. This is often an apartment building’s hidden asset. Additional residents in the building provide increased monthly fees, while the purchase money paid by new members gives the association a substantial cash contribution. This can make it possible for deferred building renovations to be implemented. A positive side effect is that the building’s energy costs are reduced as the renovated attic provides better insulation for the whole building. All in all, converting the attic actually increases the value of the entire property.


We have the most extensive experience and greatest expertise. Our collaboration with Stockholm’s leading and most reputable construction companies and architects gives us better opportunities to assess the attic’s potential and how it can benefit the association financially. Given that we only broker attics, penthouses and the like, we have a freshly updated picture of what the market looks like and what actually sells. This initial analysis is of course free. When the decision is taken, we draw up a legally binding lease agreement, which has both the association and the buyer’s best interests at heart.


Komedianten 4 Sturegatan 28
Ryttaren 6 Wittstocksgatan 3-5
Adlern 9 Observatoriegatan 2
Fanan 4 Karlavägen 86
Kejsaren 18 Sibyllegatan 31
Båtsmannen 25 Kocksgatan 23
Åkermannen 33 Fleminggatan 23
Tranhalsen 9 Olof Palmes Gata 12
Talarstolen 1 Banérgatan 79-81
Knoppen 11 Fleminggatan 95-97
Muttern 4 Heleneborgsgatan 13
Midgård 27 Västmannagatan 85
Urd 7 Sankt Eriksgatan 100
Ingemar 9 Birger Jarlsgatan 111
Tegnérlunden 9 Tegnérlunden 9
Frej Frejgatan 42
Valkyrian 11 Hälsingegatan 18
Hugin 24 Tre Liljor 3
Stallmästaren Linnégatan 78-80
Uven Större 22 Hornsgatan 92 / Brännkyrkagatan 81